Moxons Down Under Newsletter April 2018

MX27 – the Moxons of Silkstone – has discovered many new descendants of Joshua Middleton Moxon (1840-1894) who migrated to Australia in 1867. Find out who they are and where they now live in this recent edition of the Newsletter edited by Australian member John Bruce Moxon.

These and more stories in the latest issue.

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New Moxon resources website created

And it’s only for financial members. But packed with records relating to all things Moxon and Moxham.

The website – at – was created by the Society’s editor, Trevor Jordan.

Trevor says:

In January 2017 I met with Chris Moxon and Philip Lord to discuss the feasibility of a new Moxon website to become a central shared Moxon Society Archive for research purposes that can be added to and updated as necessary. Its purpose and content were to be, therefore, different to the main Moxon Society website so ably managed by Margaret Tucker Moxon in Australia.

WE AGREED to set up a closed website using WordPress to be available to Tree Guardians and Moxon Society Committee automatically and to other members of the Society on request.

We subsequently agreed to open the site to all Moxon Society members while still restricting access to copyright material (see below). So, members will be given the necessary password which will be changed annually and notified in the October issue of the Moxon Magazine.

Using the password for the site will give members access to the following pages and resources:

  • About page outlining the Moxon Society and giving details of the Moxon Family Research Trust
  • Contacts page, compiled from the list in the Magazine
  • Forum page offering Tree Guardians a message board for communicating with all other Guardians about problems, questions etc.
  • Moxon Magazine. This will have a facility to search all the names and places mentioned in the full set of Magazines. These will not be separated into Historical names, Contemporary names or Places as in the current printed index but run together to be searched via a search box on the page (rather than a visible index). There will also be an additional search box for searching by Topic. This index will consist of listing substantial articles (i.e. NOT odd references) on such topics as World War I; World War II; Moxon Coat of Arms; Diaries; Criminals etc. There will be links to download back issues of the Magazine
  • Moxon Society Trees. This will have an introductory page explaining the evolution of the Trees. Other pages will bundle trees into groups that are known to be related by analysis of the DNA results and give basic details about each tree and how it came to be compiled (where known) using JMH’s notes drawn up at the time along with the name of the current Tree Guardian/s. Tree descriptions will link to JMH’s original Tree Chart where applicable. There will be scope to build on the notes by adding links to other documents from the Archive when available or adding notes about interesting individuals within a tree etc or Magazine articles. There will be an explanation of the Tree Guardian Scheme including the guidelines, a summary of the current overall state of the Trees and a searchable index to the individuals listed in the trees
  • DNA testing. This will consist of an introductory page explaining how the DNA testing programme has been set up and how it has developed; a summary of all the DNA tests.

Moxons Down Under Newsletter October 2017

Do you know what a “rodent ulcer of the face” is? Find out in the latest edition of our newsletter.

Do you have ancestors where there is a doubt that they are part of the family? John Bruce Moxon has been able to confirm that a long lost great uncle was indeed his grandfather’s brother. How so? Well, he and two distant cousins, descended from the uncle are a DNA match.

These and more stories in the latest issue:[prettyfilelist type=”pdf” filesPerPage=”3″]


MX80 William Moxham 1823-1912, New Zealand settler

William Moxham and his wife Mary Ann Wallis and family migrated from Tower Hamlets, London to Wellington, New Zealand on the Montmorency in 1858. One of their children was born on the voyage, and more in Wellington.

There is now an extensive family of Moxhams in the north island of New Zealand.

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MX80 Outline Descendant Report for William MOXHAM of Tower Hamlets, London (As at Oct 2017)