New Moxon resources website created

And it’s only for financial members. But packed with records relating to all things Moxon and Moxham. The website – at – was created by the Society’s editor, Trevor Jordan. Trevor says: In January 2017 I met with Chris Moxon and Philip Lord to discuss the feasibility of a new Moxon website to become […]

MX80 William Moxham 1823-1912, New Zealand settler

William Moxham and his wife Mary Ann Wallis and family migrated from Tower Hamlets, London to Wellington, New Zealand on the Montmorency in 1858. One of their children was born on the voyage, and more in Wellington. There is now an extensive family of Moxhams in the north island of New Zealand. [prettyfilelist type=”pdf” filesPerPage=”3″] […]

MX86 – William Moxon, shoemaker of Liverpool, England, died 1710

This two generation Moxon family lived in Liverpool, UK in the early 18th century. It cannot yet be linked to other Moxon trees. [prettyfilelist type=”pdf” filesPerPage=”3″] MX86 Outline Descendant Report for William MOXON, Shoemaker of Liverpool, died 1710 (As at Oct 2017)

MX85 – Thomas Moxon born 1794 in Birmingham, England

This Moxon family lived in many counties in England. Two Moxon sisters and their families migrated to Victoria, Australia in the late 19th century. [prettyfilelist type=”pdf” filesPerPage=”3″] MX85 Outline Descendant Report for Thomas MOXON born in Birmingham 1794 (As at Oct 2017)

MX84 – the Moxhams of High Wycombe, Bucks

This Moxham family cannot yet be linked to the larger Moxham trees, for example MX37. [prettyfilelist type=”pdf” filesPerPage=”3″] MX84 Outline Descendant Report for the MOXHAMS of High Wycombe (As at Oct 2017)

MX83 – George Joseph Moxon of Paddington, London

This three generation family lived in Paddington in the second half of the nineteenth century. [prettyfilelist type=”pdf” filesPerPage=”3″] MX83 Outline Descendant Report for George Joseph MOXON of Paddington (As at Oct 2017)

MX 82 – Thomas Moxon of Chelsea, London

Originally from Sheffield, Yorkshire, Thomas Moxon settled in Chelsea, London in the mid-ninteenth century and from there his descendants lived in Westminster and Surrey. [prettyfilelist type=”pdf” filesPerPage=”3″] MX82 Outline Descendant Report for Thomas Moxon of Chelsea (As at Oct 2017)

Swindell Hill Farm centenary memorabilia 1802-1902

This mug was produced for the centenary celebrations of Swindell Hill Farm, the home for generations of the Moxon family of Kirkheaton, Yorkshire. The inscription on the mug is somewhat misleading, suggesting that William Moxon 1802-1902 was celebrating his own centenary. However this William Moxon, son of William Moxon and Elizabeth Senior was born about […]

Joyce Moxon d 1770 Etwall Derbyshire

Joyce Moxon, whose will has been published in the Moxon Magazine Issue 51, lived in Etwall, Derbyshire, and is listed at Generation 5 in the Moxon Tree MX01, the Moxons of Cawthorne. Here is her will, transcribed by Joan Rendall and Joan’s notes on the will. [prettyfilelist type=”excel” filesperpage=”4″]