And it’s only for financial members. But packed with records relating to all things Moxon and Moxham.

The website – at – was created by the Society’s editor, Trevor Jordan.

Trevor says:

In January 2017 I met with Chris Moxon and Philip Lord to discuss the feasibility of a new Moxon website to become a central shared Moxon Society Archive for research purposes that can be added to and updated as necessary. Its purpose and content were to be, therefore, different to the main Moxon Society website so ably managed by Margaret Tucker Moxon in Australia.

WE AGREED to set up a closed website using WordPress to be available to Tree Guardians and Moxon Society Committee automatically and to other members of the Society on request.

We subsequently agreed to open the site to all Moxon Society members while still restricting access to copyright material (see below). So, members will be given the necessary password which will be changed annually and notified in the October issue of the Moxon Magazine.

Using the password for the site will give members access to the following pages and resources:

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