John is the second son of Dick and May Moxon and was born in Southampton General Hospital in November 1948. He was a shy lad and didn’t enjoy his early school years except when he had a football at his feet.

The family moved to Lymington, Hants in 1961 and here, with confidence growing, found he was beginning to enjoy his schooling, although not enough to prolong his education past “O” levels.

He joined the Ordnance Survey in January 1967 as a cartographic draughtsman. John was involved in the early years of computerised mapping, lending his practical skills to early developments. Hobbies outside of work included the usual young man’s fancy, girls, music and cars. This was to change in 1979 when he met and married Jacqueline Axtell, (b.1949) consequently priorities changed to Jacqui, music and cars. Jacqui is also a native of Southampton having been born in the same hospital as John, just 9 months later and also joining the “Ordnance Survey” in 1968. It seems they were fated to marry.
Having grown up surrounded by ancestral portraits, documents and books it’s not surprising that John also took an interest in family history and his Victorian ancestors in particular.

Although no genealogist, John can be considered something of an authority on his forebears, Edward Moxon the Victorian publisher and his wife Emma Isola. John has been asked to contribute information on Edward and Emma to several literary publications and has loaned pictures for exhibitions on the artist JMW Turner and the Victorian Poet Laureate Alfred Tennyson.

John is, as they say “his Father’s son” having inherited Dick’s thirst for information and making it available to whoever shows an interest. John’s main passtime is his 1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe and is well known in the vintage “VW world”. His inherited traits have led to the building of a large information website “The VW Judson Register” dedicated to classic 1950s Judson Superchagers.

In 1996 he took early severance from the Ordnance Survey having completed 30 years’ service. After taking several part time jobs, John returned to “The Survey” working at his old job as an agency worker for another 3 years and finally taking early retirement in 2006, after working for 4 years at the Southampton City Council.

John has built a website at where he has included information about his Moxon ancestors.

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