2-2002 Mox Gathering in Wisconsin Evening BBQIn August 2002, Jim and Birgit Moxon of Minneapolis organised a Moxon Reunion for the families of the five sons of George and Ada Moxon. George’s grandfather Alfred Moxon (1823-1910) was born in Homerton, North London but settled and died in Marysville, Kansas. Alfred’s ancestors hailed from Yarmouth in Yorkshire and are part of family tree MX05.

The reunion was held at Telemark, 3 hours drive north of Minneapolis and about 1.5 hours drive south from the South Western shores of Lake Superior. The families invited the late John Moxon Hill, his wife Dymphs and John C and Suzanne Moxon to join them.1-2002 Mox gathering in Wisconsin. Cruise on Lake Superior

The full story can be found in Issue 30 of the Moxon Magazine, October 2002.

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