Privacy, cookies and all that stuff

You can read the full Privacy Notice agreed by the Society at its 2018 AGM by clicking HERE

If you have questions, please contact the Data Controller:

Trevor Jordan

Since the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in the summer of 2018, websites everywhere have been filled will information, requests to accept cookies, both functional and advertisement related, often couched in extreme legalese, and often very intrusive.

This is a very brief and informal notice to say that neither this nor our other Research website scrapes, harvests or extracts data. Nor do we set cookies. This is primarily because we are committed to maintaining your privacy, but it must also be confessed that we don’t do it partly because we don’t really know how to do it. We’re not that kind of website!

Having said that, please remember that if you click on a link that takes you to a third party website, we have no control over what they do and you are advised to look carefully and make informed choices about protecting your data on them.

And we should advise you that any details you share with us via one of our contact forms (e.g. a membership application, an enquiry etc) will be retained but will not be shared or sold, and we will use it only for the obvious purposes of managing membership etc.

If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy and practice, or if you would like to check what necessary information we hold as a result of your interaction with us, please contact us: links will be found on our Contacts page.