The Moxon Bookshop

A number of books about Moxon ancestors can be bought from the Society,
either in the UK or through Moxons Down Under. 
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Members of the Moxon Society have authored or collated a variety of books which can be bought using our order form downloadable here. Currently available publications are:

A Truly Honest Man
The Diary of Joseph Moxon of Market Bosworth 1798 and 1799. Edited by Peter Foss and Timothy Parry. Includes a 39 page Introduction, describing life of the period in Market Bosworth. 164 pages, 25 illustrations.

The Moxons of Yorkshire
Compiled and edited by the late James (Jimmy) Moxon, and published in 1987. It covers some of the earliest known Yorkshire Moxons (c1450) and their descendants to the present day. 117 pages, 6 pedigree tables. But some parts of this book have now been found to be erroneous.

Samuel and Lydia Moxon of Ferry Fryston
Including Edward Moxon, the Publisher, to present day Moxons.

A4 sized publication, 80 pages, 9 pedigree tables and 34 reproductions of photos, pen and ink drawings, and maps. Authors Don Moxon, John E Moxon and John and Anne Davies.

The Moxons of St. Helens Headed by Nathaniel Moxon, born in Market Bosworth,
and covering his English and American descendants to the present day.

Authored by Ron Moxon, 24 pages and 11 photos and illustrations.

Charles Mokeson of Cawthorne and his Dynasty
Covers his descendants’ migration through Derbyshire to Staffordshire and Leicestershire, and on to many other counties. Authored by Joan Rendall and John Moxon Hill, 56 pages with 14 photos/illustrations and 7 pedigree tables.

Biography of Rev. George Moxon 1602-1687
he production of this book was a cherished dream of Jimmy Moxon, who unfortunately died before its publication. Compiled by Jane Micklethwaite it has 36 pages and 15 illustrations and photos.

Charles Moxon – A Memoir
A facsimile copy of a privately printed biography by Charles Frederick Moxon of his father Charles Moxon who, at one time, held the Royal Warrant as decorator to Queen Victoria. Only two copies of the original are known to have survived and both are now preserved in the Moxon Society archives (currently held by Graham Jagger). One of these, after being rebound and restored, was donated to the Society by Rosie Turner, a granddaughter of Charles, and the other, of unknown provenance, was found in the archives of the late Jimmy Moxon. Graham Jagger has researched the life of the Royal Decorator and his notes are included. (Information updated January 2017 by Graham Jagger)

A West African (Ghanaian) World War ll Sea Rescue
A 32 page gripping story of a sea rescue during WWll, researched and written by Jimmy Moxon, with full of details of a battle between a U-Boat and a brand new 2700 ton Liberty ship. Well illustrated in colour.

Elizabeth Moxon’s English Housewifry
A facsimile copy of Elizabeth Moxon’s 1741 book which was one of the first English cookery books. With an introduction by Don Moxon. 268 pages with Glossary and Index.

The Moxon Magazine Index 1-50
An index of names and places mentioned in the first fifty issues of the Moxon Magazine. Compiled by Chris Moxon and Trevor Jordan. 247 pages: This is now superseded by an updated index on the Moxon Research website (available only to current members), but for those who who aren’t yet members, or who prefer to have a book in their hands to chasing a cursor around a computer screen, this is still available.