The Moxon Bookshop

In its first thirty years the Moxon Family Research Trust  published a number of books and booklets. Following their usual procedures, the Trust generally printed a limited number of copies to provide a stock for sale to members and their friends.

Most of these early books are now out of print although it is always possible that members might pick up a second-hand copy on E-bay or Amazon. Two of these early books are still available – but we have a strictly limited number so contact Chris Moxon if you are interested:-

•         THE MOXONS OF YORKSHIRE (1987) compiled & edited by James Moxon. 118p. We have to warn people nowadays that some of the research in this book has proved incorrect and other elements cannot be verified, but it is a clear account of the state of Moxon Family History prior to the Society being set up. Price: £6 inc. UK p&p.

•         A TRULY HONEST MAN (1998) the Diary of Joseph Moxon of Market Bosworth 1798-1799. 164 pages with a helpful introduction about the history of Market Bosworth by two local historians. Fascinating glimpses of daily life in a small market town at the end of the eighteenth century. Joseph Moxon (1757-1816) is part of MX01 Tree. Price: £4.50 inc. UK p&p.

Books available through

The Trust, and now the Society, has, more recently, used a print-to-order company called This means that the Trust/Society does not have to lay out substantial sums on creating a stock of books in anticipation of demand. Copies are printed as and when they are ordered and are usually sent out by Lulu within a fortnight of being ordered. All of the following are available from Lulu and many are also available on Amazon (but the Society receives a substantially larger royalty from sale through Lulu if you can cope with their website’s Bookstore section!)

•         SAMUEL & LYDIA MOXON OF FERRY FRYSTON & THEIR DESCENDANTS by Don Moxon, John Edward Moxon and John and Anne Davies. (2003) B&W illus., 80pp (A4 size). Although this was first published in 2003 it was the first Society publication that was published through Lulu. It provides a useful history of the Moxons of the MX06 Tree from 1728 to 2003. We have still to find out how this Tree links into the Cawthorne Tree. Price: £5.99 + p&p.

•         THE MOXON MAGAZINE INDEX TO ISSUES 1-50 compiled by Chris Moxon and Trevor Jordan (2013) 248 pages. Obviously this is out of date and all current members can access an Index of all names and places mentioned in the Moxon Magazine for every issue. This book might be useful for those who find the Research website too slow to download the full Index if a quick reference is all that is needed.  But note that the printed Index separates “Contemporary” from “Historical” names. Price: £9.99 + p&p

•         ELIZABETH MOXON’S ENGLISH HOUSEWIFRY (2013) A facsimile of the First Edition of this cookery book with an introduction from Don Moxon. 276 pp (A5) This book contains a fascinating insight into eighteenth century menus and household management. Don Moxon argues that Elizabeth Moxon was born Elizabeth Shaw (1695-1761) and was therefore a member of Tree MX12. Price: £9.99 + p&p

•         MOXONS AND BROWNES – AN ACCOUNT OF CHARLES ST DENYS MOXON & HIS FAMILY by Bob Moxon Browne (2019) 76pp, Full Colour illus. (US Letter size – similar to A4). Charles St Denys Moxon (1820-1881) was the son of Thomas Moxon of Leyton, one of the most successful of the Moxons of MX05. This account of Charles St Denys Moxon’s ancestors and family incorporates many of the coloured illustrations first used in “The Moxons of Great Yarmouth”. Price £19.50 + p&p

•         CHARLES MOKESON OF CAWTHORNE AND HIS DYNASTY by John Moxon Hill and Joan Rendall, expanded and revised by Chris Moxon and Philip Lord (2020), B&W illus., 212 pp (size approx. 6” x9”). Originally written in 2002, this edition reprints, with revisions, the inspiring account of how the authors were able to piece together their family’s history, tracing their two lines of descent from Charles Mokeson, but expands it to more than twice its length by including extra chapters giving a brief outline of other branches of MX01 not included in the original, such as the Moxons of Stewkley, the Moxons of St Helens, the Moxons of Felkirk etc. Price £12.73 + p&p

 Other booklets are out of print and, unless there is strong demand, are unlikely to be reprinted:

•          A West African (Ghanaian) World War II Sea Rescue by Jimmy Moxon – written c1982, published 2007.

•          The Moxons of St Helens by Ron Moxon (2001).  A chapter covering this branch is included in the 2020 edition of “Charles Mokeson of Cawthorne & his Dynasty(see page 29)

•          The Moxons of Great Yarmouth & their Descendants (2001) – was simply a picture book of various portraits (poor quality reproductions), now largely incorporated in “Moxons and Brownes” by Bob Moxon Browne (see opposite page)

•          Rev. George Moxon 1602-1687 by Jane Micklethwaite (2001). American historians have done further research into George Moxon’s work in America.


•          Charles Moxon – a facsimile of the memoir written by his son in 1897 with an introduction from Graham Jagger (2009). 38pp (A4 size) Charles Moxon (1808-1891), who is sometimes known as the Royal Decorator, belonged to MX16