The Moxon Surname & its Variants

Moxon? Moakson? Moxan? Moxham? Megson? Maggson? Moxom?

If you search for an ancestor with one of the above-mentioned surnames, sooner or later – whether in a census record, in a will or in a parish register – you will find a variant spelling.  So a Moxham may have once been a Moxon or vice versa or then again, may have nothing to do with the Moxon “family”.

Moxon is considered a “matronymic” from the medieval personal name of Mag(ge), a reduced form of Margaret (see Margeson); but in some cases a patronymic from the old English personal name Mocca.

There is some suggestion that it could also be derived  from Mog (son) a medieval nickname for Matthew – another Patronymic.

Moxham, on the other hand, is generally thought to be a habitational name from a lost place called Moxhams, in Atworth, Wiltshire ( or alternatively, a metronymic the same as Moxon above.  However, the geographic distribution of Moxham is very different from Moxon: see the map under Distribution of Surnames on this website.