Family Trees

Researching family history results in the growing of Family Trees, and The Moxon Society over the years has drawn up very many trees covering all variants of the surname. And of course, within those trees there are links to many other surnames belonging to parents, grandparents and beyond, uncles, cousins, aunts and every other relation you can think of. So for example, my own family tree, the Jordan family,  is linked to Moxon Family Tree number 01 (MX01) through my marriage to a descendant of John Mokeson (one of the variants!)  who was born in Cawthorne, in approximately 1530AD. 

MX01 currently (July 2021)  has 7,161 entries, and is the result of merging the total of ten trees (MX02, MX11, MX14 etc). Merging family trees has been one of the joys and delights of meeting with, and conferring with, other members of The Moxon Society, and this is one of the benefits of membership. 

Another benefit of membership is that you can see all the Moxon Family Trees on or a summary of all the Trees, plus an Index of everyone listed in those Trees, on the Research website