Moxons Down Under

Two Margaret Moxons – Brisbane and Sydney – the families are not related.

Moxons Down Under, the Australian and New Zealand group within The Moxon Society has been looking after Australian and New Zealand members of the Society for over 10 years now and is now being run from Sydney. 

The first co-ordinator was Margaret Moxon, wife of Simon Moxon of Brisbane, members of the “Moxons of Hull” family. More recently the Down Under group was taken on by Margaret Tucker Moxon of Northmead, NSW, the wife of John Bruce Moxon.

Margaret of Sydney has established various Facebook groups and pages for members of the society – Moxon Society UK and International (group), Moxons Down Under (group), and for their own family and this is proving popular with second and third cousins. 

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