2014 AGM of the Moxon Society

This year’s Annual General Meeting was held at West Haddon, Northamtonshire, a delightful village by all accounts.

As usual, the AGM was held on the Friday afternoon, and some changes to the membership categories were agreed.  These changes will be reflected on the website and will be explained in the forthcoming Moxon Magazine.  You can view the minutes below.

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Swindell Hill Farm centenary memorabilia 1802-1902

MugWilliamMoxonThis mug was produced for the centenary celebrations of Swindell Hill Farm, the home for generations of the Moxon family of Kirkheaton, Yorkshire.

The inscription on the mug is somewhat misleading, suggesting that William Moxon 1802-1902 was celebrating his own centenary. However this William Moxon, son of William Moxon and Elizabeth Senior was born about 1829 and died in 1904. His grandfather Samuel Moxon, head of family tree MX20 had established the farm. According to descendants writing in various Moxon Magazines, the family ran a carpentry business.

The mug had a companion piece – a plate, illustrated here.Moxonplate

More information about the farm, the family and the memorabilia can be found in Moxon Magazines issues number 17 (1996), 45 and 46 (2010).

Moxon Reunion at Telemark, Wisconsin, USA

2-2002 Mox Gathering in Wisconsin Evening BBQIn August 2002, Jim and Birgit Moxon of Minneapolis organised a Moxon Reunion for the families of the five sons of George and Ada Moxon. George’s grandfather Alfred Moxon (1823-1910) was born in Homerton, North London but settled and died in Marysville, Kansas. Alfred’s ancestors hailed from Yarmouth in Yorkshire and are part of family tree MX05.

The reunion was held at Telemark, 3 hours drive north of Minneapolis and about 1.5 hours drive south from the South Western shores of Lake Superior. The families invited the late John Moxon Hill, his wife Dymphs and John C and Suzanne Moxon to join them.1-2002 Mox gathering in Wisconsin. Cruise on Lake Superior

The full story can be found in Issue 30 of the Moxon Magazine, October 2002.

Joyce Moxon d 1770 Etwall Derbyshire

Joyce Moxon, whose will has been published in the Moxon Magazine Issue 51, lived in Etwall, Derbyshire, and is listed at Generation 5 in the Moxon Tree MX01, the Moxons of Cawthorne.

Here is her will, transcribed by Joan Rendall and Joan’s notes on the will.
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Edward Moxon, publisher

EdMoxonPortraitMember John Moxon of Southampton has written a biography of his ancestor Edward Moxon, a self made man who made a great reputation as a publisher of poetry in the 1830s until his death in 1858. He published and was friends with William Lamb, William Wordsworth and Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Here is the story of Edward Moxon’s life.

John E Moxon – by himself

John is the second son of Dick and May Moxon and was born in Southampton General Hospital in November 1948. He was a shy lad and didn’t enjoy his early school years except when he had a football at his feet.

The family moved to Lymington, Hants in 1961 and here, with confidence growing, found he was beginning to enjoy his schooling, although not enough to prolong his education past “O” levels.

He joined the Ordnance Survey in January 1967 as a cartographic draughtsman. John was involved in the early years of computerised mapping, lending his practical skills to early developments. Hobbies outside of work included the usual young man’s fancy, girls, music and cars. This was to change in 1979 when he met and married Jacqueline Axtell, (b.1949) consequently priorities changed to Jacqui, music and cars. Jacqui is also a native of Southampton having been born in the same hospital as John, just 9 months later and also joining the “Ordnance Survey” in 1968. It seems they were fated to marry.
Having grown up surrounded by ancestral portraits, documents and books it’s not surprising that John also took an interest in family history and his Victorian ancestors in particular.

Although no genealogist, John can be considered something of an authority on his forebears, Edward Moxon the Victorian publisher and his wife Emma Isola. John has been asked to contribute information on Edward and Emma to several literary publications and has loaned pictures for exhibitions on the artist JMW Turner and the Victorian Poet Laureate Alfred Tennyson.

John is, as they say “his Father’s son” having inherited Dick’s thirst for information and making it available to whoever shows an interest. John’s main passtime is his 1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe and is well known in the vintage “VW world”. His inherited traits have led to the building of a large information website “The VW Judson Register” dedicated to classic 1950s Judson Superchagers.

In 1996 he took early severance from the Ordnance Survey having completed 30 years’ service. After taking several part time jobs, John returned to “The Survey” working at his old job as an agency worker for another 3 years and finally taking early retirement in 2006, after working for 4 years at the Southampton City Council.

John has built a website at http://homepage.ntworld.com/john.moxon where he has included information about his Moxon ancestors.

William & Ann Moxon emigrated to Philadelphia

WilliamMoxonEmigrated1864FamilyPhiladelphiaIn 1864, William Moxon, his wife Ann nee Ramsden and their four sons migrated from Lancashire to Philadelphia. William had been born in Dunkinfield, Cheshire where his family had settled, but his father Daniel Moxon appears to have been born in Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire. In 1851 census both Daniel and his wife Ellen stated that they were born in Penistone.

William and Ann are the original pioneer ancestors of member Dani Moxon Wanchek of California.