Joyce Moxon d 1770 Etwall Derbyshire

Joyce Moxon, whose will has been published in the Moxon Magazine Issue 51, lived in Etwall, Derbyshire, and is listed at Generation 5 in the Moxon Tree MX01, the Moxons of Cawthorne. Here is her will, transcribed by Joan Rendall and Joan’s notes on the will. [prettyfilelist type=”excel” filesperpage=”4″]

Charles Mokeson of Cawthorne and his Dynasty

Covers his descendants’ migration through Derbyshire to Staffordshire and Leicestershire, and on to many other counties. Authored by Joan Rendall and John Moxon Hill, 56 pages with 14 photos/illustrations and 7 pedigree tables. For information about purchasing, see the Moxon Bookshop.