DNA Report 2007

In 2006, member Ed Moxon arranged the testing of a number of members, using a 43 marker test. The tests were carried out on sub-groups from the Moxon groups A and B identified at the conclusion of the 10-marker tests. You can read these latest findings in the attached report:
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DNA report 2006

The Y-chromosomes of 21 male “Moxon” members of the society, representing the range of individual family trees, have been analysed as an aid to furthering the Society’s genealogical research.

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DNA report 2005

We published the results of the previous 14 tests in Moxon Magazine No.32 (October 2003). There are some changes in conclusions as a result of further analysis and research. Further tests have now been completed. Rather than expect the reader to refer back to the earlier report, and at the same time consider the new findings, this is a complete report, superseding all previous reports.

We thank Oxford Ancestors Ltd. for executing the tests, and for their comprehensive documentation, from which most of the general information has been extracted.

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DNA results 2002

This first DNA report discusses the results of tests and analysis of six male Moxons, one from each of the major Moxon lines

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It shows we have two groups of Moxons, who share a Common Paternal Ancestor, perhaps over 1000 years ago:

  • Those Moxons of Cawthorne and Wakefield with descendants in Stewkley and Ferry Fryston
  • Those Moxons of Silkstone and Leeds with descendants in Hull (early Hull Moxons) and Yarmouth