A West African (Ghanaian) World War 11 Sea Rescue

A 32 page gripping story of a sea rescue during WW11, researched and written by Jimmy Moxon, full of details of a battle between a U-Boat and a brand new 2700 ton Liberty ship. Well illustrated in colour. For information about purchasing, see the Moxon Bookshop.

The Moxons of Yorkshire

Compiled and edited by the late James (Jimmy) Moxon, and published in 1987. It covers some of the earliest known Yorkshire Moxons (c1450) and their descendants to the present day. 117 pages, 6 pedigree tables.

Jimmy Moxon, founder of the Moxon Society

Portrait of Jimmy Moxon, Society founder.

In 1987, Roland James (Jimmy) Moxon of Asford Carbonel, Ludlow was looking for avenues to sell his book “The Moxons of Yorkshire”. He sent flyers to every Moxon in the UK telephone directory, offering his book for sale. There was significant interest, so the following year he published a Magazine, followed by the first Annual […]